Who I Am

​Hi there! If you are wanting to learn a little more about me, you’ve found the right spot! I’m Kylie Churnetski RD, NBC-HWC, CPT, RYT-500. I have been a health professional since 2016. I studied at Arizona State University for my undergraduate degree in nutrition and a minor in healthy lifestyle coaching ultimately leading to my designation as a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I then went to Nashville, TN to pursue my advanced degree and residency to become a Registered Dietitian at Lipscomb University where I completed my rotations at Vanderbilt. In addition to these, I've received credentials as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, 500 Hour Yoga Therapist, personal trainer, and multiple group fitness certifications. But aside from the education aspect, most importantly, I'm a woman who builds others up and believes that using a variety of health-focused methods and putting yourself first will give you the greatest health of all-time.

My Why

I started my own personal navigation of integrative health over 10 years ago. I have struggled with my own health battles between my diagnosis of POTS/Dysautonomia, multiple food allergies, and multiple autoimmune conditions, and struggling to still find some diagnosis’. I was without answers, and tired of feeling “bad,” and tired of not being seen as a whole person. It’s what motivated me to work on lifestyle factors: internal, physical, and mental to improve my quality of life. I was able to learn what my body needed in order to give itself the best shot at feeling happy and healthy.

Creating PWHRFL

I knew I wanted to help others gain control and confidence in their health & bodies– whether that’s fitness and nutrition education, building a healthy relationship with food and exercise, or managing chronic conditions and medical diagnosis'. I work with women to build healthier lives & bodies through realistic changes your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. I take it very seriously that you are considering me as your coach. I won’t let you down– I have nearly 7 years of experience in the health & wellness industry, and have led 100's of women worldwide to take control of their health inside and out, and live a more confident, efficient, and energetic life. When I created this program, I set out to make it the BEST & MOST PRACTICAL in the industry. I wanted my program to be a one-stop-shop for all your needs, and it is. With my experience and credentials, you get multiple health professionals in one setting, which means it's more cost-efficient, and more importantly, helps you meet your goals faster with no middle-man in between. Through my approach, you're able to take control of your health more efficiently and in a way that builds confidence and consistency for long-term results.

Learn more about my One-on-One Coaching Program. I'm confident I can help you FINALLY reach your goals. You just have to take that first step, like the women before you have. See more about my client’s experiences.



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