5 Tips to Prepare for your Telehealth Session

Connecting with a health professional through a virtual telehealth session allows you the flexibility to have the availability for more frequent health care sessions which in turn will give you the opportunity to have more effective results. We love this method because we are able to see more clients utilizing telehealth for our integrative health coaching program.

Telehealth Integrative Health Coaching SessionWhat can you do beforehand for the client to ensure the Telehealth session runs smoothly?

  1. Know the details. This relates to the meeting or program you are a part of. You will want to know: the duration of the session, if this is a one-on-one or group program, and if there is any paperwork or payment needed prior to the session.
  2. The technology. What platform is your telehealth session on? Know the platform to determine if you need to make an account or have a patient portal set up. Before your session, try out the program to make sure your microphone and video work.
  3. Have a game plan. Be prepared for your session by having topics you would like to discuss and any questions you have written down.
  4. Keep track of what’s discussed. Have a notepad and pen by your computer to take notes or write down questions throughout the session.
  5. Maintain expectations. Determine what steps you need to take in order to reach your goals, and ask about a realistic timeframe for noticing changes.

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